Getting your company back in gear — a COVID-19 pandemic process

As the economy opens up again in our regions experiencing COVID-19, it is becoming increasingly common for employers to need help in several medical areas they never would have imagined.

One large scale effort is community health screenings and temperature scanning. These onsite operations are conducted on employees before they report to work daily–no small endeavor. (Read the update from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) here.)

If the logistics of conducting such screenings for your staff is overwhelming, we are here to tell you, this is what we do best. Superior Medical Staffing has the capability of screening workers — numbering from 1 to thousands. We will have on site supervision — often set up by the Director of Clinical Staffing–to guide you, and the healthcare workers– in the most effective and expedient manner possible.

We can help everyone through the process in the most efficient manner and to their desks on time.

Superior Medical Staffing is currently running several operations around the clock, and stands ready to help create, staff and execute your daily program.

In addition, should you need to conduct community tracing Superior Medical Staffing has contact tracers ready to begin today. Contact tracing, is used to support patients with suspected or confirmed infection. Contact involves several specialized skills including knowing when to refer individuals to medical, social, or supervisory resources and the cultural competency for your facility/office.

Should you require Point of Care (POC) testing, we can provide staffing for you. This will permit your staff to achieve real-time, lab-quality diagnostic results at the time, and place of care.

This is an extremely stressful and tenuous time, but Superior Medical Staffing stands ready to assist you within a wide scope of testing and support to bring your workforce and your company back up to speed. Contact us today to engage in conversation and learn more.